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Dear friend, Welcome to my own little spot on the web. A place for you to read up on tips on what to wear, what to serve and how to get your man in the right mood. Expect monthly updates on tips, personal favorites en foolishness.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Seasons They Are A-Changing

...and thus it's time to get out our warm woollen winter mittens.

But first let's brighten our rainy days with crazy coloured umbrella's and this:

There's not much to be glad about you might think, but I am truly happy just sitting in front of my gas stove, listening to Billie Holliday while the wind is rattling at my back door.

I've been pretty careless with updates I'm afraid, so lots of things to tell you. First thing I'd like to share with you is my appearence in Dutch Girls' magazine YES. Next week, on the 10th of October to be exact, you can read an interview AND see a really gorgeous picture that Frits de Beer took. You can have a peek at his website if you like; I'm on there and - my oh!- in what company!

Another thing I'd like to share with you -and the only reason is that I'm really thrilled about it- is that I'm having a kneelength wintercoat made by my amazing designer friend Laura. It's gonna be greyish with red piping and a floral lining. Can't wait!

I also wrote a new column for Boppin' Around, which you can read here. There's a lot of good stuff goin' on on stages all over town, so I expect to be whirling my skirt here 'n' there in the next couple of months. Winter isn't going to be cold enough of to cool down the dance floors!

Furthermore I'm really busy working on an exhibition about a community of Eskimo's who's island is about to be swallowed by the sea. Horrible! Read about it on the project website if you like. The photographs are truly amazing.

If everything goes right -last time they were litterally breaking up the place- we'll be performing at Radio Modern in Gent. So stop by if you're about.

I'm leaving you now with the sweet voice of Billie.

Sweet dreams, my dears.

Goodnight kisses,

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Soon, On A Stage Near You

Hey there lovers!

Boy am I in a good mood! I'm going up UP UP on the musical ladder and I'm loving every bit of it. Us Perennial Favorites had our first little gig on the streets of Amsterdam and that tasted like more. So Stringstien and I went steppin' out to a great Lindyhop dancing party. We danced the night away with some guys from across the canal and some boy with a baguette up his trousers. Feeling cheeky and in the mood for some more singin', I asked Bernard Berkhout if I could sing a tune or two with his quintet. And I could! I sure showed that crowd how to bring it on home ;). Anyway, check those cats out. They're amazing! 

And here's a little secret I'm going to share with you. Paul 'the Young Sinatras' van Kessel said YES to my request to do a duet with him. Keep an eye out for that on my MySpace.

A few nights later, alone on my couch, dreaming about the Really Cute Guy I'm seeing, I was watching Paul Verhoeven's film Zwartboek. Carice van Houten looks like a million dollars and the set dressing is simply gorgeous!

Be sure to check out the review I wrote for Boppin' Around on a new book with instructions for 40's hairdo's. I might try one out myself before next sunday. I'm taking the Really Cute Guy to Radio Modern you see. And I gotta get me an outfit, too! Life can be such a drag sometimes, especially during the summer, when the nights are long and hot and dark....

Off to bed I am. I've a long day of curling and combing ahead of me.

A BIG LucyLicious kiss for all of you

Miss Lucy

Monday, April 28, 2008

Strawberries & Postcards

I’m sitting here, enjoying my new home at Strawberrystreet (for real!), listening to some classic swing tunes. This weekend the Amsterdam Lindy Exchange is held and I’ll be present! It’s the first time in al long time for me to go out dancing again. I’m a bit nervous but even more than that excited. I’ve got some new shoes and a fabulous dress to show off. So if the dancing lessons won’t pay off, at least I’ve got my looks to depend on. And isn’t that what matters in the end! *winks*

I’ve also been reading up on the how and why of pie making for the writing course I’m doing. I’m planning an interview with the famous writer Toon Tellegen on why he always has his characters eating pie. But first I’ll have to practise my skills so that I can surprise him with a home baked gateau or something of the sort. I can imagine the look on his face now…

My friend Eva and me are still hoping to organise a bake-off somewhere this spring or summer. So keep an eye out for that. The theme is going to be something with fruit and lots of glazing, mmm…

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood of Utrecht this weekend, there’s this cute little store on the Oude Gracht near Ledig Erf called ‘Groeten Uit’. It’s filled to the brim with postcards from all over the world and as far back as the eighteen hundreds. I found a real pretty art nouveau album with poppies on it and a few old photographs of Hollywood stars from the 1930’s. Ramon Navarro is smiling at me from his frame in the window. The shop owner told me he was killed in a real dreadful way. Ask mister Google about it, he’ll tell you what happened. Be sure to have something in your stomach before you do, though. It ain’t pretty!

My new band is doing great, too. Seems this spring my luck has changed! In May we’ll have our third performance. Hopefully some more will follow. Check out our brand new spot on the web and leave us a message. Great pictures by some professional photographers to look at and some tunes to listen to as well.

I’m off to help a friend with her photo exhibition. See you in Breda at the jazzfestival next Thursday maybe?

Spring kisses from an infatuated miss Lucy

PS On May 2nd the Second Skin festival in Rotterdam kicks off with a short film and live music. The festival celebrates the birthday of Inkstitution. About the town other venues are programming music and so on within the scope of skin art. FUN!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Perennial Favourites

Hey there cats 'n' dolls!

I've been busy busy busy like a bee! You see, on March the 1st I will be debuting with my new band The Perennial Favourites. I'll be singing songs by Madeleine Peyroux, the ever so wonderfull Marilyn Monroe and some other darlings of mine. Please be sure to come if you're around Rotterdam this saturday. Check out the venues blog HERE.

Also, if you're about Antwerp and there's no Radio Modern party to go to, consider enjoying the view form Lucy*. They feature a wonderful bakery named Eugene and Louise . Hey, what's in a name!

Gotta dash, practise my lyrics!

Hope see y'all real soon!

A Great Big Kiss form your Lucy

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dress Up

I was listening to an old Django record today. Boy does he make you want to go out on a pick nick and dance all night around a bonfire! Unfortunately it’s been raining all day long, so I resigned to tidying-up instead. And oh what joy the Dutch masters of commerce can bring. (Zoom in on the jar!)

And then I also found THIS in a very old issue of Libelle magazine …

It has the same slogan as the 'Soleil' soap : 'Lave Tout, Tout Seul' CRAZY!

Luckily there’s more to my life than cleaning. I went to a party a few weeks ago and I finally got to wear my pink dress again! Because of its age its falling apart, so I’m having it copied. But, there’s always room for more dresses, so if I could I would go down to Antwerp this weekend. Radio Modern is presenting a crazy fashion bash on Sunday. Don’t miss out! Some really great designers, including my girlfriend Laura, are presenting their designs. No excuses for under dressing anymore!

Hope to see you all real soon.

Miss Lucy xx

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Old / New

Dear all,

I wish you everything wonderful, all things sweet and some things naughty in 2008!

For me it started with all those things and this here beauty. A very attentive friend gave me a Gil Elvren calendar!

After no less than FOUR scrumptious Christmas meals and too many fritters at New Years eve, daily life has already taken it's (relatively) normal course
again. My year, which was pretty dreadful in some ways, ended very satisfactory with a column in Boppin' Around magazine! Some of you might have already read it. If not, put some shoes on and run to the store because it'll be a collectors item! It's the last and only paper issue that I'll appear in. From now on it's online only...

My New Years resolutions involve studying on the songs that I'll be presenting you with Stringstien from the Oops-A-Daisies, spread my writings some more and finding myself a place to live! I’m really looking forward to decorating and furnishing and to finally be able to cook and bake and to entertain friends and… boys! ;) in the comfort of a own home. Yes sirree, I daresay I do.

Furthermore, I have been experiencing some difficulties with my internet connection, which means that I don’t know when I can publish again. It took me a week to get this online! Those darn modern machines! I’d better go to the computer store tomorrow and see if some charming wizz-kid can help me with that.

Love and kisses from your Miss Lucy

PS I'm listening to The Revellers as we speak. You should try them, too!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


On this dreariest sunday since ages, I originally had plans to see a girlfriend and go to the museum. But she called me to say she was ill, so I had to think of something else. And what better way to spend you sunday afternoon than... baking an applepie! (I followed the recipes from one of my mother's old cookbooks) It's sitting in the oven as we speak and I can smell it up here in my little atticroom. It sure smells good!

More sweetness you'll find over here: Rock Rebel Sweety Pie . Two girls I have yet to meet, decided to start a monthly party in Amsterdam. From friday December 14th onward you can dance, decorate cupcakes and more. I'm thrilled!

Since it is pie-time at Miss Lucy's, I decided to tell you a little secret. Next spring me and my friend Eva are organising a Bake-Off in Rotterdam. We have a wonderfull place in mind, but it isn't sure yet. So if you have some spare time, start working on your baking skills. It'll be a wonderfull day with amazing prizes on top for the winner.

And then, as a cherry on top of the pie, *drumroll* I'd like to announce my very own column (in Dutch) for Rock 'n' Roll magazine Boppin' Around! It'll have its' premiere in the christmass issue. Every few months I'll be writing about one of my favourite songs and some nice venues I've visited or bands I've seen. Keep an eye out fot that!

And now for a big chunk 'o pie. Yes sirree!

Sweet frosted kisses from your Miss Lucy